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TRAILS CLOSED ALL DAY - Harvest for the Hungry

  • November 20, 2010
  • MANAGED HUNT by BRC Wildlife Mgmt Committee

TRAILS CLOSED ALL DAY - Harvest for the Hungry

To help maintain a healthy forest and viable deer population, the Blue Ridge Center’s Wildlife Management Committee is conducting a managed hunt this season. On a few selected Saturdays, trails will be closed all day to allow for increased harvests to help feed the needy in our community. No hunting will be done on Sundays.  For your safety, do not enter the fields or forests of BRCES during hunt times. In the event of a necessary entry, please call the Hunt Coordinator at 240-994-8750 to insure you are not entering a line of fire.

NO HUNTING ALLOWED by private individuals or groups!

Managed Hunt by BRC Wildlife Committee ONLY!


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