Managed Hunt today by BRCES Wildlife Management Committee


Managed hunt by the Blue Ridge Center Wildlife Management Committee only.  No hunting is allowed by private individuals or groups!

To help maintain a healthy forest and viable deer population, the Blue Ridge Center’s Wildlife Management Committee is conducting a managed hunt this season. On days when gun hunting occurs (by BRCES Wildlife Management Committee ONLY), the trails will be open from 10 AM until 3:00 PM for hiking, trail riding*, etc. No hunting will be done on Sundays. *Horseback riding by USTR members only, www.ustrailride.org

For your safety, do not enter the fields or forests of BRCES during hunt times. In the event of a necessary entry, please call the Hunt Coordinator at 240-994-8750 to insure you are not entering a line of fire. For safety and insurance purposes, unauthorized entry during the hunting hours will be considered trespassing and dealt with by local law enforcement personnel.

NO HUNTING ALLOWED by private individuals or groups!
Managed Hunt by BRCES Wildlife Committee ONLY!



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