Environmental conservation is at the core of the Blue Ridge Center’s mission. Our 900-acre property is governed by a conservation easement to ensure the land will be preserved for today’s visitors as well as future generations.


Nestled in the “Between the Hills” valley of the Virginia Piedmont, the Blue Ridge Center is optimally situated to foster diverse habitats ranging from maturing chestnut oak ridgetop forest to young recovering upland forests. As a key piece of the Potomac Watershed, our tributaries benefit from regular monitoring and testing by a number of our educational partners.


Endangered wood turtles, 130 bird species, and mammals like foxes and bobcats all make their homes on the preserve. Whatever your interest, the Blue Ridge Center’s rich wildlife diversity is an indicator of the ecological health of the Northern Blue Ridge.


Sustainable farming is practiced by Attila Agoston and Shawna DeWitt of Mountain View Farm.  The organic market garden and livestock operation demonstrate that food cultivation can be, and must be, done in harmony with nature.


Native Americans, colonial settlers, and Civil War soldiers have all left their footprints on our trails. As you explore the property, find the 33 historical sites, including a spring house, deserted log cabins, and stone walls laid to stake claims to the property.

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